Refrigerated Air Dryers

We provide the innovative refrigerated air dryers by Hankison . There are many product lines under this category and each one of them comes with user-friendly instrumentation like gas temperature indicator, fault alarm, power on light, etc. The integral filtration system is able to remove solid particles smoothly. Check out for some of the hot product lines that we offer.

GCU Series Gas Cooling Units

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Gas Cooling Units
Dry Compressed Air – Pure & Simple

HPR Series

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers
Dry Compressed Air – Pure & Simple

Models HPR5-10 through HPR50 Feature:

  • Integral Moisture Separator
  • Timer operated drain with isolation valve/strainer (float drain on HPR5-10
  • Models HPR5-10 and HPR15 designed to adapt to legacy Hankison HVAC installations
  • On/off switch illuminates when the compressor is on

Models HPR75 through HPR500 Feature:

  • Integral 304 stainless steel heat exchanger, mesh demister and moisture separator for long life
  • Timer operated drain includes isolation valve/strainer to protect valve from rust and scale
  • Panel mounted drain timer controls (HPR200-500)
  • LED style dew point indicator (HPR200-500)
  • Panel filter captures ambient dirt and dust to keep condenser clean (HPR100-500)

HPRplus Series ColdWave™

Hankison ColdWave™ refrigerated compressed air dryers feature Hankison’s most advanced heat exchanger technology.

HPRplus Series Models HPRP100 to 150

  • On/off switch, Power-on light, and dew point temperature indicator-alerts operator to overload condition or refrigeration system fault
  • HF Series Grade 9 Filter / Separator
  • Optional HF Series Grade 5 coalescing oil removal filter

HPRP200 to 3000 with the emm Energy Management Monitor
This advanced 24 volt electronic control package has many user-friendly interfaces which can save energy, automate service intervals, communicate in ten languages, and add functionality.

  • Energy-saving “schedule mode” for predictive maintenance schedules: to ensure that the condenser on air-cooled units is maintained dust-free
  • HF Series Grade 9 Moisture Separator/Filter
  • HF Series Grade 5 cold coalescing, oil removal filter
  • Operator interface with read-outs comes standard in ten languages.
  • Remote monitoring of the emm, from your computer, possible through the RS-232 Communication Port
  • Fault condition diagnostics with user-friendly text display

HES Series ColdWave™

ColdWave™ Energy Savings Refrigerated Dryers. HV Series & HES Series. High-Volume Refrigerated Dryers

Rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI)
The HES Series is designed to provide a rapid return on investment by:

  • Reducing the dryer’s energy consumption down to 9% (91% savings) at 0% load
  • Precise matching of average air flow (heat load) with the required input kW power…No More…No Less
  • Qualifying for energy rebates offered by utility companies
  • Maintaining a stable 38°F (3°C) dew point with no dew point spikes

The HES Series Refrigeration System
Digital Evaporator Technology controls the actions of the three core components in the refrigeration system (Digital Evaporator, Digital Control board, Digital Scroll refrigeration compressor) to provide true load-matching energy savings while maintaining a very stable 38°F (3°C) dew point.

Air Treatment Station Features:

  • HF Series Grade 9 Coalescing Separator/Filter
  • Integrated HF Series Grade 5 Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter (optional)
  • Dedicated Electronic demand drain(s) for the integrated separator/filter and for the optional oil removal filter
  • RS-232 Communication Port Space savings with dryer (no pre-filter required) and after-filters all in one cabin

H Series

Consistent dewpoint of 38°F to 50°F, 3°C to 10°C
H Series high capacity refrigerated air dryer’s automatic temperature control maintains consistent dewpoint temperature across a wide range of operating conditions.

HIT Series

High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryers

  • Cools, accepts high temperature air to 180°F, 82°C directly from your air compressor, no separate aftercooler and separator required
  • Dries, removes moisture, eliminates troublesome water from downstream air lines and equipment
  • Cleans…an integral 3 micron filter removes solid contaminants and 60% of oil aerosols. (For virtually oil free air, Hankison high efficiency oil removal filters are available.)

HPET Series

Hankison high pressure compressed air dryers and filters form an important part of PET blow molding …