Desiccant Air Dryers

We distribute different series of Desiccant Air Dryers by Hankison , which are HHL Series, HHS Series & HHE Series, HPD Series, HBP Series, DHW Series and HDF Series. These products are designed by Hankinson to lower down the purge usage of air and protect the desiccant material by producing dew point that is stable.

HHL Series, HHS Series & HHE Series

Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Standard Instrumentation

  • Left and right tower pressure gauges
  • Purge pressure gauge
  • Moisture indicator – alerts operator of elevated dew point
  • Throttling valve provides accurate purge pressure adjustment.

HHS Series Automatic SensaTherm® Energy Savings
HHS Series with SensaTherm® automatically matches purge air use to the demand on the system. This ensures maximum performance as the energy saved goes right to your bottom line. Controller features vacuum fluorescent text display that communicates energy savings, operating mode and service reminders. Select from one of the four pressure dew point settings to optimize your savings for each season.

HHL Series Selectable Purge Economizer Savings
HHL Series provides user selectable energy savings. Tailor the drying cycles, to match your peak air demand, in 10 percent increments. In addition, this state-of-the-art controller offers four pressure dew point settings to further tune your savings and adapt the system to your environment.

HHE Series-40°F Dew Point Performance – Pure and Simple
HHE Series presents traditional heatless drying technology. Using a simple timer based controller, these are designed to deliver maximum value to applications that operate at or near full capacity. Automatic time controlled bed regeneration cycles offer consistent performance and economy of purchase.

HPD Series

Heated Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers

100°F Inlet Temperature and 100% Relative Humidity at 100 psig
Hankison HPD Series Dryers Slash Purge Air Energy Costs
Hankison HPD Series dryers will produce the design dew point while operating continuously at maximum rated flow (100% duty cycle) at CAGI ADF 200 inlet standards of 100°F inlet temperature and 100% relative humidity at 100 psig.

Standard HPD Series (Heated Blower Purge) Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers: -4°F to -40°F Pressure Dew Points
Designed for applications that were previously forced to accept a –40°F pressure dew point when simple protection against seasonal freezing is the issue. The standard design delivers ISO 8573.1 dew points between Class 2and Class 3 automatically. Class 2 (–40°F) dew points protect against freezing during low ambient conditions and Class 3 (–4°F) dew points keep your air system bone dry during the heat of summer. Applications that require Class 2 (-40°F) dew points year round simply need to select the Free-Air (FA) Supercharger option package

Energy Management System
The EMS uses rugged temperature- & humidity-sensing technology that does not require calibration. Constant desiccant bed monitoring ensures stable dew point control. Algorithm-based A3 PurgeTechnology™ controls precisely engage the FA Supercharger when needed to manage the bed regeneration cycles and boost the airflow through the tower. Compressed purge air volume is reduced, further optimizing energy conservation.

An HPD Series dryer with an EMS package may enable the use of a smaller air compressor. Total system efficiency would then be superior due to the linear energy-saving potential of the dryer. Purge air savings of up to 15% are possible in direct proportion to demand when compared to typical heatless designs. Consistent -40°F pressure dew points and fast returns-on-investment are automatic year round.

HBP Series

Blower Purge Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Class 2 (-40°F/-40°C) Dew Point Performance
HBP Series blower purge regenerative dryers are economical & reliable
HBP Series dryers improve air system efficiency by the use of a dedicated axial blower, instead of a percentage of dehydrated purge air, to regenerate the off-line desiccant tower. ISO 8573.1 Class 2 (-40°F/-40°C) dew point performance is guaranteed. HBP Series compressed air dryers will produce the design dew point while operating continuously at maximum rated flow (100% duty cycle) at CAGI ADF 200 inlet standards of 100°F inlet temperature and 100% relative humidity at 100 psig.

Blower purge type regenerative compressed air dryers are an economical and reliable way to dry compressed air to dew points below the freezing point of water. Desiccant dryers lower the dew point of compressed air by adsorbing the water vapor present in the compressed air onto the surface of the desiccant. Adsorption continues until equilibrium is reached between the partial pressure of the water vapor in the air and that on the surface of the desiccant. These dryers continuously process compressed air by using two identical towers, each containing a desiccant bed. While one tower is on-stream drying, the other tower is off-stream being regenerated (reactivated, i.e. dried out). The towers are alternated on- and off-stream so that dry desiccant is always in contact with the wet compressed air. In this way a continuous supply of dry air down stream of the dryer is possible. The switching from one tower to the other is controlled by a solid-state controller on either a fixed time basis (standard) or a demand basis (optional).

DHW Series

Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

Consistent outlet pressure dew points – large desiccant beds produce:

  • -40°F (-40°C) pressure dew point on a 10 minute cycle [equals an atmospheric dew point of -71°F (-57°C)]
  • -100°F (-73°C) pressure dew point on a 4 minute cycle [equals an atmospheric dew point of -122°F (-86°C)]

HDF Series

Single Tower Desiccant Dryers

Pressure dew points as low as -40°F (-40°C)
A Spray Painter’s Assurance For A Flawless Finish
State-of-the-art refinish materials and moisture-sensitive pneumatic tools require compressed air treatment. Modern spray guns, particularly HVLP, require greater volumes of air to atomize today’s high-solids coatings. Greater volumes of air carry greater volumes of water, oil, and dirt which must be removed. A HDF Series compressed air dryer can eliminate that damaging water, dirt, and oil which can ruin your refinish work.

HDF Series Single Tower Desiccant Dryer Features:

  • Produce pressure dew points as low as -40°F (-40°C)
  • Rugged powder-painted, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing which can be installed in-line
  • Charge of silica gel desiccant adsorbs moisture from the compressed air
  • Desiccant change-out indicator offers convenient monitoring of desiccant condition
  • Desiccant change-out indicator turns color from blue to white
  • Integrated 15 micron cleanable dust filter

The benefits for your shop are:

  • Increased shop capacity to process more cars
  • Helps get on the “preferred” lists for referrals from insurance companies
  • Fewer labor hours and materials per paint job
  • Better bottom-line for the company