Breathing Air Purification

We provide Hankison ’s Catalite CBA Series purification system. Usage of high-end technology ensures dry and clean air that is needed to keep the air dry and make certain of safety of the workers. These tools can convert compressed air and make the environment more breathable. Buying such a product is definitely going to provide great help.

Six Stage Filtration

  1. General purpose filter removes solid and liquid contaminants down to 1.0 micron.
  2. High efficiency oil removal filter captures liquid aerosols and sub-micronic particles down 0.01 micron.
  3. Pressure-swing regenerative desiccant dryer removes water vapour to ensure the effectiveness of the catalyst bed.
  4. Dried air travels through a catalytic converter reducing CO concentrations by converting CO to CO2
  5. Particulate removal filter collects contaminants 1.0 micron and larger from the purified air system.
  6. Activated carbon filter removes oil vapour, trace odours and other gases normally absorbable by activated carbon.